[Opinion] Feminist Vs Kendrick Lamar | By @_jazziemonroe

Kendrick Lamar is one of the hottest artist that is booming in the community at this time, especially in the black community. Recently Kendrick Lamar released a new single titled “HUMBLE”. This song is a song that is challenging it’s listeners and also other rappers to pay attention and be humble to the lyrics that he is rapping. The video includes contradictory religious images mixed with urban life. An example of this is when there is a moving reenactment of Leonardo Da vincis painting, “The Last Supper” this is a juxtaposition with a concept of humility.
Aside from the religious aspects in the video Kendrick also states “I’m so f*ckin tired of the photoshop. Show me something natural like afro on Richard Pryor, show me something natural like ass with some stretch marks.” This specific line caused an uproar by feminist. They felt that Kendrick was degrading women and that he was being misogynistic. The two groups of women that were offended were Caucasian women and Darker skinned African American women. Caucausian women were upset because Kendrick’c lyrics were “catering toward black women.” However, the African American were offended because the model in the video “wasn’t black enough” or “wasn’t natural enough”.
SO how do I feel about the situation? Being a feminist myself I feel that the uproar is completely ridiculous. I feel that all Kendrick is trying to is say “embrace your natural beauty and if nobody likes it tell them to deal with it” I feel very appreciated that Kendrick is basically telling females that they are beautiful with or without alterations to their bodies. So feminist, you’re overreacting do as Kendrick says and embrace you’re NATURAL beauty. Stop worrying about the little shit.


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