#UpAndComing | @DangoHoe| By: @JvsJas

          A while back I took time and interviewed one of Lexington, Kentucky’s up and coming artist, Dango. Born and raised as Marcus Givens, he was raised by his mother, Adele Givens, who has a successful career in the entertainment industry herself.Dango startedwriting at a young age. He told me that he began with writing stories. _DSC7770-1 copy.jpegOver time, he stated that he understood the purpose and the benefit of what music truly was and he realized that this was what he was put on this earth to do.  Dango set out on a mission to make people feel his music, and from what I have heard so far, he has done nothing but that. When I listen to his music, I hear intention and consistency. This all didn’t come over night, he also told me that his mother was and still is his biggest inspiration. He stated that she consistently pushed him from childhood and watching her maneuver the entertainment industry throughout his lifeimg_0607 His mother gave him a journal at a young age and told him to write what he felt from then on. “It feels like she was preparing me” was what he said to summarize all these events that happened throughout his childhood. Growing into his teenage years he came to realization that he had talent with a lot of music, and that he was out-doing a lot of people. He had an honest opinion of his early music and said, “I was probably trash back then, I could tell I’d found something with this.”

117469764-352-k95733The reactions he received inspired him even more because he was moving people like only music could do.I feel like this is a necessity to be an actual artist and he has achieved that.I then asked him if he could eat dinner with any celebrity who would it be?  Dango decided Will Smith. The reasoning for this is because he feels that Smith has unlocked so much knowledge on how to live a fulfilling life and do what you’re meant to do in life.img_0787 One of the final questions I constructed out of curiosity was,”What makes you not use your mothers platform to maneuver through the music industry?” The reply was short and simple “I don’t really know. I’m not one to ask for much. & growing up I think I shy’d away from that, thinking about people not seeing me as valid. And wanting to prove to myself I could figure it out.” Knowing this answer was essential for me simply because this lets me know that the artistry is genuine. If there was one thing that Dango could say about the progress in his career is “watch the growth.” Keep looking out for more projects from Dango. 
Listen To Dango:


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