Apache Grosse – Everything Is Paid For @ApacheGrosse

Apache Grosse’s “Everything Is Paid For” follows a young female drug dealer as she makes her way to the top. In the video, we see the main character is working in a crime ring only to find that she isn’t respected by her boss despite all the work she puts in. She develops a plan to take him down and take over his business, and we see it all unfold with Apache serving as the storyteller. It’s fun and fast-paced, with a sense of mystery and catharsis.

Apache Grosse is an alternative r&b artist hailing from Chicago. He builds songs around the thematic elements of love, identity, and coping with the pressures of living up to your own expectations. While he dabbles in darkness, his message is ultimately grounded in perseverance and self-acceptance.

Apache’s career launched on October 13th 2017 with the release of his first single, “Brooklyn Girl”, co-produced by collaborator Sal Cordova. The track and music Video are a cautionary tale about the fast life of the city and all the pain that comes with the blind pursuit of pleasure. Apache followed up the track with the up-beat, ferocious single POISON, which tells the story of addiction between lovers. Its booming chorus and strong guitar riffs are indicative of the hard-rock and alternative influences on his work, creating a style all his own. Apache closed out 2018 with his centerpiece single “Everything Is Paid For.” The track is a booming, bass heavy Alt-R&B track that will challenge your speakers and make you feel like a million dollars. Apache Grosse is stepping into his sound with his final single of the year. The track is centered around a drug dealer in Los Angeles, securing her life through relentless hustle and ambition, while navigating a lifestyle of false friends and excesses.

Apache is making a name for himself on the live circuit, selling out his first show at Elbo Room in Chicago and opening for major touring acts One More Time and Goody Grace. His powerful voice, charismatic stage presence, and attention to detail have garnered him a positive reputation as a performer.

Optimistic about 2019 Apache is ready to deepen his impact.

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