Seeking Success

The Lexington hip hop community is one where there is a very diverse group of artists who consistently create artwork in hopes of being discovered.  

Some common themes in the local hip-hop scene include self-promotion, community support and egotism. 

 DJ Knockout, formally known as Keenan Steele, 25, said, the geographic location of Lexington isn’t the most welcoming to the urban music culture; and overall the city lacks support.  

“If there wasn’t so much separation the city could provide the support necessary for an artist to get the ball rolling with expanding their career.”  

According to the artists the divide between local hip hop artists and out of state artists could be minimalized if the groups were able to find a common ground.  

 KicksIt, also known as Robert Colón, 29, discussed how he consistently sees Lexington artist promoting themselves on Facebook and they continuously tag the same 98 Facebook friends to look at their music. There is no consistent progression because there is no expansion in their promotion. 

 He said, “A lot of what I see is it’s a lot of self-promotion; it doesn’t expand past a certain perimeter.”   

Ghangii, formally known as Jeff Penman, 24, said he believes that local artists are not worried about the music.  

“Even me and my friends tend to focus on things besides our music careers, people are more worried about who follows them and who’s not instead of worrying about the quality of their music.”  

 Ghangii said this is causing a hindrance in the artists music progression, thus keeping artists from moving further in their music careers.  

Marley Carter also known as Ricky Bottoms,25, agreed with Ghangii that artists need to put themselves at the center. He said, “I think people need to invest in themselves more. Budget and spend more money on what you love to do because it cost to be the boss.”  


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