treefrog – big ap @nots

“big ap” is a single released by treefrog that features Tommy Ice. The biggest idea within the song is how people change. After he told people he was going to be able to put music on Spotify the people who would always try to bring him down switched up. These people began to talk like he knew them as friends. In short, the song deals with fake friends, and the friends that people can lose from being successful. The song also has hints at my past, where he said “done with those nights when I used to cry…”. This line was a nod at how he spent many nights trying to figure out why he is the person he is.

Jack Ramey, also known by his artist name “treefrog” is an American Hip-Hop artist from Dallas, Texas. His first single “Bloodthirsty!!!” was a song he made as a joke with his friend. After that single was released he realized how much he enjoyed making music. During this time he was struggling with a six-year-long battle with depression. He used music to express how he was feeling. After a year of releasing music he finally won the battle and started making more Hip-Hop/Trap tracks. In his more modern music he tries to keep the same type of beats behind his songs, being guitar. He does this because it reminds him of his older beats, and how far he has came from his beginning. Treefrog now releases Hip-Hop/Trap music.

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