Ace Rambo – Dice

“Dice” is Ace Rambo’s first official release on all streaming services.

“I was inspired to write this song because it tells you were I’m from (Queens, New York)and during the time I wrote it, it was winter time. Growing up in New York we have very cold winters so this wasn’t new to me but this winter was different I was said to myself I’m going to turn into something in this music industry.”

Cristian Moreno (Born October 13 1999), better known by his stage name Ace Rambo, is an American rapper of latin descent from Queens New York. Growing up he loved music it played a big role in his life. Artists who inspired him to rap are A Boogie, Don Q, Jay Critch, and Lil Durk. He started rapping around the age of 17. His first official song on all streaming platforms and music video is for his single named “Dice” it has accumulated over 30 thousand plays on apple music. He has also collaborated with Rhode Island natives such as Dee Gomes the singles named “Time.”

Ace Rambo has been interviewed by a podcast named “culture pop radio.” In this podcast he reveals that he is the only Ace Rambo, upcoming projects and more. He has received notice by Ron Suno’s management team and more. Ace Rambo is always willing to connect with people who enjoy his music and are looking for any sort of advice. Be sure to follow this young man via all social media outlets as he makes a name for his brand in the music industry.

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