Up and Coming Florida Rapper BROKEASF Releases New Song And Video For “Glock In The Lake” Today

Budding rapper, Brokeasf shares his latest track “Glock In The Lake” with an accompanying video today on Cinematic Music Group. On the tenacious song, the Jacksonville, FL artist showcases his ultra-quick flow, paired with his hard-hitting delivery on top of a tropical beat. “’Glock In The Lake’ is a real-life situation…this is something I’ve been through. The music speaks for itself” says the rising lyricist of the song. 

Watch the visual for “Glock In The Like” directed by Montana ShotYa HERE.

ABOUT BROKEASFBrokeasf is an 18-year-old rapper who has stayed down and true to himself, unapologetically making music with no regrets. At a young age the newcomer understood the darker side of life. Born with a twin sister, he grew up with a total of seven siblings. His dad did two years in jail before coming home, and his mom tirelessly worked in a warehouse. She often played the likes of Lil Wayne and Gucci Mane around the house which is how Broke was introduced to rap. At only 14-years-old, he and his twin endured a horrific drive-by. His sister got shot in the leg and would be released from the hospital the same night while Broke wasn’t so lucky. He suffered shots to the stomach, chest and arm, and spent a month in the hospital recovering which made him realize quickly how painful life could be. In the face of adversity, we either give up or push harder. Brokeasf chose to push harder. Last year he began spitting on Instagram and built up a following for fierce, focused, and fiery freestyles. He engaged an active fanbase, “people knew me from the streets, so my posts would get a lot of shares.Brokeasf ignited 2020 with the single “Comments” which went on to generate over 4.3million total streams and counting in the US alone as well sparked a trend on TikTok with nearly 300 thousand creates on the platform. Broke will continue to push this year by sharing his story and music with his fans – “I want it to be up-tempo and make you shake your head. I didn’t go through all of this not to enjoy it. I could’ve been a victim to this, but I’m not. I’m young. I’m intelligent. I feel like I got no flaws. That’s who the fuck I am.


Brokeasf – “Glock In The Lake”
Retail: https://smarturl.it/GlockInTheLake
Amazon: https://smarturl.it/GlockInTheLake/amazonunlimited
Apple Music: https://smarturl.it/GlockInTheLake/applemusic
Deezer: https://smarturl.it/GlockInTheLake/deezer
Google Play: https://smarturl.it/GlockInTheLake/googleplay
iTunes: https://smarturl.it/GlockInTheLake/itunes
Pandora: https://smarturl.it/GlockInTheLake/pandora
Spotify: https://smarturl.it/GlockInTheLake/spotify
Tidal: https://smarturl.it/GlockInTheLake/tidal
YouTube Music: https://smarturl.it/GlockInTheLake/youtubemusic

Watch the official video for BROKEASF’S “Glock in the Lake”. Stream/download “Glock in the Lake”
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