Foire – Outta Order @F0ire

Foire is an emerging R&B/soul artist originating from Queens, New York. As a growing artist, Foire seeks to deliver a story that will grasp the listeners. Moreover, through her music, she wants to help people overcome their tough situations. Foire’s music is filled with passion and wants to transmit confidence to whoever is listening. Her unique, angelic voice puts Foire in her own musical lane. Throughout every song and every lyric, she radiates a life filled with experience and knowledge. Undoubtedly, through her talent and powerful moving voice, Foire will put her footprint in the music scene and in people’s hearts.

I feel like we’re living in a world of infidelity and hidden relationships. Guys are always pursuing women, me included, knowing that they’re in a relationship. When I wrote “Outta Order”, I was kinda fed up, I’m just like you’re here trying to push your way onto me knowing you have a whole situation, putting me in an uncomfortable position. I’m pretty sure if your girl was to find out, she wouldn’t be happy. You’re real out of order for that.”

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