Sam Hendricks – Problems @lilhendricks2

Sam Hendricks’ “Problems” is a song inspired by current world conditions, written and recorded in quarantine. Mixed and mastered by AR.Muzik (Arron Reed) who worked with Kevin Gates on “Find You Again” and Toronto based artists like Booggz GME, Bizz Loc and many others.

Sam Hendricks was born August 2, 1995 in Albany, GA. He moved to Toronto in 2015 where he began to lay the roots of his musical career. He first started off as a song writer,working with upcoming artists behind the scenes until he met up with producer Dom Bvnks who saw potential in his musical abilities and convinced him to be a frontline artist himself.

That was quickly taken away april 18th 2018 when he lost his father to suicide, which caused Hendricks to step out of the music scene for a year where he had to rebuild his mental health. Sam then met up with ikon Ash Mavandadi (song writer) and AR.Muzik (producer/engineer) who he worked on his newest release.

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