Apollo Fresh – JoJo Pose @apollo_fresh

JoJo Pose connects the evolving sound of rap today with anime culture on the single, “JoJo Pose”. It’s a song inspired by an anime called JoJo’s Bizarre adventure. Growing fast and got its start through a trend on TikTok now with over 2 billion views on TikTok and 7 million on Spotify.

A Haitian-American Born in queens, NY 1997 soon relocating and growing up in Broward county Florida. At a young age Apollo was fascinated with both anime and music. Apollo Fresh has spent countless of hours watching anime since 2006. Even creating AMV’s (anime Music Videos) on Youtube in 2010. He also grew up playing instruments in band through his school days. In 2014 Apollo Started Creating Rap music and committed to creating a successful career in the music industry. Since then Apollo Fresh has learned to put his two passions together, anime and rap, and create an impact on music industry in a way that has never been done before. Known for his hit “JoJo Pose” he’s The first to create a song with such strong anime influence reach so many corners of Multi Media. He’s shown an ability to create great music beyond the anime sphere while staying true to what he loves and expressing his story. He often uses parallels between his own story/philosophy and anime plot/philosophy and finds ways to blur the lines energetically and fluidly.

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